Behr Oxide

Behr Oxide M200-6 paint color review

Let’s dive into a full Oxide paint color review. Take a look at pictures of real interiors and exteriors painted with beautiful M200-6. Find out if this gorgeous warm red paint color would look great on your living room walls or trims, kitchen cabinet, bedroom accent wall, bathroom or house exterior.

Color code:M200-6
Color name:Oxide

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What are Behr Oxide undertones?

Red is Behr Oxide undertone color, as you can clearly see on the color field below. To determine this undertone we’ve removed all the tints, tones, shades and get HUE (pure color). Seems that undertone definition on a white sheet is already outdated and rather inaccurate


HEX value

HEX value:


RGB code:

191, 118, 87

Is Behr Oxide M200-6 cool or warm?

warm colors
Color wheel
cool colors

With a hue of 18° this Red refers warm paint shade according to HSL (Hue, Saturation, Lightness) on the color wheel.

M200-6 Oxide HSL code: 18, 45%, 55%

Hue - degree on a color wheel from 0 to 360. 0 is red, 120 is green, and 240 is blue.
Saturation is a percentage value. 0% is a shade of grey, and 100% is the full color.
Lightness is also a percentage value. 0% is black, and 100% is white.

  • Warm Red will make even large rooms feel cozy and intimate
  • Warm Red undertones tend to make you feel happy, energized and playful
  • Warm paint colors are ideal for kitchens, living rooms or bathrooms
  • Warmer hues make larger spaces feel more inviting

Act like a pro: Mixing warm and cool shades is a must have to get harmonius interior. Add accents that contrast with the primary color to create visual balance. If your walls are a warm color, don’t forget to add accent in cold colors (furniture, art, décor). A good practice is too use a complementary color scheme.

Color comparison

Oxide M200-6 vs Pinata MQ1-26

Behr Oxide M200-6 vs Behr Pinata MQ1-26Behr Oxide M200-6
LRV: -%
Temperature: warm
LRV: -%
Temperature: warm

Oxide M200-6 vs Orange Liqueur M210-6

Behr Oxide M200-6 vs Behr Orange Liqueur M210-6Behr Oxide M200-6
LRV: -%
Temperature: warm
LRV: -%
Temperature: warm

Color codes

We have collected almost every possible color code you could ever need. To copy the code, just click the icon to the right of it.

HEX#bf7657copy color code
RGB Decimal191, 118, 87copy color code
RGB Percent74.90%, 46.27%, 34.12%copy color code
HSVHue: 18° Saturation: 54.45% Value: 74.9%copy color code
HSLhsl(18, 45, 55)copy color code
CMYKCyan: 0.0 Magenta: 38.22 Yellow: 54.45 Key: 25.1copy color code
YIQY: 136.293 I: 53.462 Q: 5.795copy color code
XYZX: 29.686 Y: 24.724 Z: 12.223copy color code
CIE LabL:56.806 a:25.425 b:29.047copy color code
CIE LuvL:56.806 u:54.465 v:29.984copy color code
Decimal12547671copy color code
Hunter lab49.723, 19.554, 20.232copy color code
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